The location of DN Sea Apartments in the city center is the ideal starting point for many activities in Kalamata.
Browse the city and its suburbs, get to know its people and taste the local flavors. Only in this way you will discover
the magic of the Messinian capital and you will enjoy a unique journey that will become unforgettable.


Walk among the beautiful alleys of the old town of Kalamata.


Enjoy your drink with a breath taking view at the area of Verga that has a number of bar choices.


During the summer, events are held continuously.


Check out the monuments, the archaeological museum, get to know the traditions & habits .

Δραστηριότητες Καλαμάτα Μεσσηνια - DN Sea Apartments


Experience a unique trip under the turquoise waters of Messinia and discover the underwater environment and its hidden treasures. The crystal clear waters and the impressive coastal scenery with golden sands in Kalamata supports diving activities and makes it perfect suitable for each experience. Reach out one of the many diving centers in the area of Kalamata to experience an unbelievable underwater adventure.
Δραστηριότητες Καλαμάτα Μεσσηνια - DN Sea Apartments


The entire Messinia is surrounded by mountains of unique beauty and its ideal for hikers. Very close to Kalamata is Mount Kallathion, visible from all sides of the city, offering a unique route through picturesque hamlets, narrow alleys and springs with crystal clear waters. At the top of the mountain, in a fir-tree forest, the view of the Messinian bay and the peaks of Taygetos will take your breath away.
Δραστηριότητες Καλαμάτα Μεσσηνια - DN Sea Apartments


In the summer, it is an ideal location for water sports and especially in Kalamata, with its unique beauty - and its award-winning beaches. Water skiing, surfing and rowing are just some of your choices. Explore the surrounding coasts, discover caves and hidden, deserted beaches where you can relax. These activities can be for everyone, young and old visitors. So get the right equipment and start your adventure!
διαμονη Καλαμάτα Μεσσηνια - DN Sea Apartments


Kalamata is known for many different products, which you should definitely try on your stay. The renowned olives of the reeds and the excellent quality olive oil, the local sausages and cheeses and the fine varieties of wine are among the most famous products of the Messinian land. Among other things, it is worth tasting spoon sweets, dulcis and pastelia as well as the loukoumia of the area.

Kalamata is at a key location that favors the excursions to nearby places. On the outskirts of the suburbs of the city is worth visiting the picturesque settlement "Kitries" with the traditional stone houses and the harbor. Outside of Kalamata are also the river and the waterfalls of Neda and Taygetos, where you can explore through sports such as climbing, cycling or even the paragliding. Further on , you can explore the area from Ancient Messini to Messinian Mani, the caves of Dyrou, Pylos and the castle of Mystras. It is worth to have pass by at the stone-built Kardamili and Pollimimno of Messinia, a small paradise with waterfalls and ponds.

From the port of Kalamata they have daily one day cruises that will give you the opportunity to get to know many different points. Beautiful, crystal clear beaches and secret hidden beaches, as well as unexplored islands, that they are vital stopovers and are waiting for you to discover them. One thing is for sure. The natural beauty that will unfold in front of you and will fill you with memories you will hardly forget.

Kalamata is a city of intense night life, winter or summer, you will leave with nice memories from it . Navarino Street, especially during the summer, its crowded from people who make their walks by the sea. In the evening, the entertainment moves into the nightlife at the city's beachfront and beach bars. In the winter, most people prefer the historic city center with cafes, bars and cozy taverns.

One of the most important events our taking place every year in Kalamata is the International Dance Festival. If you find yourself in July in the Messinian capital, you will have the opportunity to admire a lot of dancing performances or even to take part in workshops and seminars that they are planned .


Have fun sailing by renting a boat from the well organized marina of Kalamata.


The impressive Taygetos, which dominates in the depths of Kalamata, offers a variety of activities for their fans.


This trip is a coastal tour of the seaside settlements east of Kalamata.